martes, 16 de abril de 2013


Prague was one of my favorite cities.  If I could see myself living in any of the places that I had visited, I could most easily picture myself there.  

The Main Square

Prague is an old city with a rich history.  Although the Czech Republic was once a part of the Soviet Union during its time as Czechoslovakia, it retains a very Western style.  There are numerous churches and Christian influences on the city, as Prague was once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, but it does not stop it from possessing its own unique feel.   

The Charles Bridge in Prague, lined with Religious figures
Photo by Ariana Rosenthal

The center square of Prague has a notable Astronomical Clock that was implemented in 1410, where throngs of loud-mouthed tourists now flock around.  Because of this, large amounts of pickpocketers hang-around the area, waiting to take what could have been well-used trdelnik money.

The Trdelnik in all its glory.

Prague is also home to an interesting art culture that was not limited to only galleries.  The Lennon wall carries the graffiti of many generations of artists (and sorority girls, judging by the endless Delta Gamma shout-outs).  The wall has been painted over many times, leaving different art there every year.  Overall though, the predominate theme is, of course, John Lennon and his lyrics.

Every piece of architecture in Prague is a work of art in its own right.  The city has the feel of a city with history but still continues to grow in its modernity.  I would go back to Prague in an instant and would not mind spending more time there in the future.

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