martes, 23 de abril de 2013


We were in Dresden for only one day, but it was still nice to experience part of Eastern Germany.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Eastern Germany has been adjusting itself to fit the Western German lifestyle.  While not yet as prosperous as much of the West, it has been adapting to the change in culture.  Dresden is located only two hours from Prague, not far from the border between Germany and the Czech republic.  

Dresden was bombed during WWII, resulting in much reconstruction.  However, there are still plenty of historical buildings that have been preserved throughout the years:

Photos by Ariana Rosenthal            

This building is one of the churches inside of The Old City.  As its name suggests, this area is made up of buildings that have been around for quite awhile and were not nearly as affected by the 1945 bombing.     


Dresden was definitely the coldest place we went; the streets were like wind-tunnels and there was no place to hide from the cold.  At night this forced us to go into every bar we could see, the most interesting being 1940's themed and one called "Lebowski".  Amazingly, or at least obsessively, this bar is filled with "The Big Lebowski" memorabilia and original art and has the movie playing on repeat the entire night.

Dresden is kind of a strange city and has a surprisingly large nightlife, and its definitely worth taking a look at if you will be in Prague anyway.

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