lunes, 29 de abril de 2013


Almost all of what I knew before about Amsterdam was what I had learned from the movie "Eurotrip".  Not exactly the most educational film, it taught me that the city was a chaotic mess of prostitutes and drugs.  However, I found that more than anything, there were nice old families, canals, bikes and fry stores.  Lots of fry stores.

And I had to stop at every one

The city is all-around beautiful, with its winding canals and houses.  There were quite a few houseboats as well, that would float alongside the bike-paths.  There were hardly any cars and bikes replaced them as the main form of transportation.  During the day Amsterdam is a very quiet, peaceful place.   

The people of Amsterdam are actually very relaxed and it was mostly only the tourists that caused any problems.  If there was one city I visited this Spring Break that I could imagine myself living in, it would be Amsterdam. 

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