jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013


Now that midterms are over, I've decided I can start enjoying my birthday weekend.  My friends are visiting for the next week, and a lot of preparation is in order.  I waded through the rain to find their hostel today, which is conveniently located between a homeless colony and what I assume would be a prime location for a meth lab.  Of course, in Madrid where everything seems so safe, they would choose the one place where I wouldn't be surprised if I was missing a kidney if I slept on those streets.

Children play in front of an apartment block where a concrete wall will be erected between a Roma gypsy neighborhood and a main road in Baia Mare
Approximate location of the hostel.

Luckily, the hostel is located close enough to less syringe-y places.  It is only a short walk from Sol and the metro system is connected to everywhere you would want to go in the city.  I'm hoping I can be a good enough host while they're here, and show them all the intricacies of Madrid.  The biggest problem I'll have is balancing my schoolwork with the crazy event-filled days that I'm expecting with them around.  I'm sure the especially strong coffee here will be my crutch to make it through the week.  At least there's the silver-lining that if they're actually good friends they may have brought me some American food that I've been craving so much.  It will be nice to have a taste of home amidst all this jamon.

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