lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

March 11th Anniversary

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the March 11th Madrid train bombings.  On that day, a terrorist group placed several IEDs across the commuter trains in the morning, killing 191 people and injuring another 1,800.  Across the city you can find statues dedicated to the victims, and most prominent is the memorial located at the Atocha train station, where the most devastating explosion occurred.  The inside of the cylindrical memorial has messages in different languages of grief and of hope.

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Since that day nine years ago, there has not been another attack.  I expected the trains to be emptier today, as people always tend to fear an anniversary repeat attack.  However, I was surprised to see the metro as full as always, with the attack not dictating their lives.  While this solitary tragedy often sticks out in people's minds, the trains are incredibly safe.  When we let the fear of an event dictate our lives, it gives strength to terrorism.  It is important to grieve and to remember the victims, but not to let terrorism control your decisions.

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