lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Residence Living

This semester I elected to switch from a host family to a residence.  As much as I love Nancy, I felt like I needed a change of location.

What an adorable woman.

When I got out of the airport, I did my best to find the new residence.  This was made harder by having to navigate two bags through the streets of Madrid, as I was able to have an extra bag for free, since I was moved up to business class.  This second bag, filled entirely with ramen noodles and Little Debbies, proved to be a hassle when moving through the impatient crowds.

My Spanish was rusty, having just gotten back to Spain, so I managed to have an incredibly awkward conversation with the doorman of my new residence.  This is the same man that I accidentally dumped a bag's worth of empty sunflower seeds on from the balcony a few days ago.  I now try to avoid him at every cost.

The room that I got assigned is a double but has sliding doors that divide the two halves of the large room.  However, these doors are functionally just windows as they're made almost entirely of glass, making their purpose completely unknown to me.  It's nice living with more people this semester, because you can always find something to do.

Overall, it's a different experience from my time with a host mom.  I live closer to the center of the city and go out and walk around my neighborhood more often.  I do miss Nancy and her delicious cooking, but I'm excited for the semester ahead.

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