domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

Madrid: Round 2

After being home for three weeks I began to miss being back in Madrid.  As much as I love my university hometown of Durham, NH, there's very little to do when the students aren't around and I was anxious to get back to Spain.

My trip began with my seat being upgraded to business class, where I was accompanied by serious businessmen, more legroom than I knew what to do with, and an open bar.  The flight went by too fast, and I was brought back to reality when my connecting flight involved a cramped seat next to a man with a serious sinus issue.  However, I knew that the 11 hour trip was worthwhile when I approached Madrid and saw the city stand out in the distance.

It feels great to be back and I'm looking for another semester in beautiful Madrid.  I just hope one year is enough time for me to experience the city.

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