sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012


Last weekend I left Spain with my sights set on Italy.  I've been around the country before but never to Milan, so I figured the city was worth a visit.  I went with three of my friends from Suffolk but also met up with two of my friends from back home while there.

Everyone always complains about using Ryanair, but then continues to do so.  It isn't too bad as long as you comply with their extensive requirements- especially their one carry-on bag limit.  You can see many impatient people stuffing their bags into the 50x40x20 box, praying that they won't have to pay the additional fee.

We arrived in Milan late at night, our path to our hostel lit up by the pizza parlors that never seemed to close.  It didn't take long for us to realize that these businesses were really into taking advantage of tourists, and it's hard to argue with people that you don't share a common language with.  In all fairness, it was really good pizza.

We quickly found out that the fashion capital of the world was about as expensive as you would imagine.  Nevertheless, it was a great city with a wealthy but relaxed feel to it and a historical status that rivals its modern, revolutionary one.  At the center of the city is the Duomo, an old, Gothic-style cathedral.

Eric and I with Liam, who is being unnecessarily tall

The cathedral could be seen in the sky from blocks away, but was even more impressive from the inside.  Almost 630 years old, the Duomo is the fifth largest cathedral in the world.  The inside is filled with artwork typical of the Gothic era, as well as many internal chapels that are host to a wide array of relics.  Long lines of candle holders were placed around the inside with hundreds of candles, all lit by visitors paying their respects.

Photo by Taylor Kunselman

It was nice to be back in Italy, but I missed Madrid.  The city is really starting to become my home away from home.

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